wabi sabi


Earlier this spring I took this picture of a foxglove growing in a decaying retaining wall on our property. I could see the foxglove blooming in a few months’ time and it brought joy. I loved that something new was born on something old. I’ve been impatient to replace that old decaying wall but seeing the foxglove, I knew it would come soon enough.


Aesthetically, I like the juxtaposition in artwork, too.  It’s why I like the boro stitch and why I like the frayed edges of fabric on my own pieces.  I don’t want it to look too perfect, too new: that’s too one sided for me.

This past month wabi sabi took on a new meaning for me.  My husband, Bruce, had a health crisis. He’s 18 years older than I am and his age is showing. His frailty and age remind me to cherish every moment, not just those shiny new moments. I respect the path that has brought him to this point in his life with all the combinations of memories and new births that have been part of it. 

We tend to want to blot out old age and the frailty it brings. It makes us uncomfortable. But for me, this past month, it reminded me of how precious life is and all the memories and dreams that are born and die during a lifetime.

I hope a little of that comes through in my artwork.