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moving meditation

I suspect it is a restlessness in my nature that loves movement. I love to walk. And to dance in my studio when no one is watching. I love paths in gardens because they show a way to move forward. It is with movement that my mind quiets most easily to a meditative state.

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wabi sabi

This is one of those concepts that has layer upon layer of meaning.  Books have been written on it and it seems that everyone is talking about it lately. For me, it juxtaposes new life with signs of decay to remind us to embrace all of life.

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changing mediums

It happened three years ago.   

I fought it at first.  I knew clay.  I worked with clay in my art studio for more than 30 years.  I studied glazes and firing processes and different clay bodies and knew what I needed to do to achieve the effects I wanted.

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small pieces

I am back to making small pieces and loving it.  Periodically, I think I need to start making larger pieces.  “They are bigger and better and more important,” my mind says.

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