From that perch, I could look up at the twinkling stars and be away from my crowding sisters. It’s farm country there and few trees block the sky and few lights dim the stars.  On cloudless nights, the night sky would come alive and I would get lost in it.  

The night sky has been there to encourage me at several pivotal times in my life.  There was the time I was living in Topanga and unsure of my next step. I looked up at the night sky, and in an intuitive flash I knew that I was the only me on the planet. I knew in that moment we each need to bring our full selves to life because we cannot be replaced.

Glistening light on snow reminds me of the stars. So does sunlight hitting water. At another pivotal time in my life, I used to walk along the East River in Manhattan and get lost in the sun sparkling on the water. It calmed me. 

So I can’t help it. I like to add a bit of sparkle to my artwork. Opalescent inks, shiny threads, a few glossy beads. I try not to overdo it but like crows, I love a little bit of sparkle.

Roberta Wagner3 Comments