The Long View

My Dad lived in North Dakota for decades. I remember driving around the state with him and his glee over being able to see some stand of trees that he knew was 60 miles away.  The horizon line in the Dakotas is ever-present.

processAnne Cleary
Small Pieces

I am back to making small pieces and loving it.  Periodically, I think I need to start making larger pieces.  “They are bigger and better and more important,” my mind says.

processAnne Cleary
Changing Mediums

It happened three years ago.   

I fought it at first.  I knew clay.  I worked with clay in my art studio for more than 30 years.  I studied glazes and firing processes and different clay bodies and knew what I needed to do to achieve the effects I wanted. For years, I loved the feeling of holding clay - both alive and calming. I loved the way I could manipulate it to get texture in a piece. I loved the excitement of opening the kiln and seeing how the magic of heat had changed the work inside. But I was also tired of the dust and the glaze chemicals.

processAnne Cleary