more fields

I love the window seat on an airplane so that I can look at the patterns made on the earth below.  Google Earth makes window seats available all the time and around the world. 

Last autumn, I started thinking about fields again and decided to start a series in textiles. I thought I would make one a month as the seasons progressed.  But my artwork doesn't like to be corralled like that. It likes to be looser but I did make some pieces. The piece above is autumn.

In winter, I started thinking about all the layers below the fields, the generations that have worked the land. I started layering fabric and stitching with gold because of what is to come. Here's a winter piece.

Here's spring: I love the idea of creating layers of fabric. It reminds me of prior seasons and years gone by. The land has memory of those times. 


I made a total of six pieces. And then I got to thinking: yes, I love the repetitiveness of fields and the discipline and meditation-like feeling they can provoke.  But I also love quick, spontaneous movement that is about the gesture and life moving on. 

IMG_0635 2.jpg

I suspect finding the blend between these two modes is a challenge in my life as well as my artwork.